No Purchased Lists, Just Good Results

Good results aren't just about a great looking template from SynergyMail. Good results also come about from observing good email marketing practices - one massive component of that are subscribers that have given you express permission to contact them. You cannot use a purchased list in Synergymail, mainly because you would be spamming the recipients and they just don't work . This is the perfect time to mention our Anti-Spam Policy, make sure you check it out.

List Management Made Easy

List Management Made Easy

We subscribe to the theory that the more lists, the better. Why? Well because you are likely segmenting your subscribers - making it super easy to send our really targeted email campaigns for the best results. We'll also look after any bounces and unsubscribes across your entire subscriber base.

Import Your Subscribers

Big Lists? No worries, Simple import and export

Got a big list of subscribers that you'd like to import? It's a simple process of uploading a text file or CSV of the data you want to bring in and hitting Import Subscribers! We even check the file on the way through for any mistakes in email addresses.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms

Add a subscribe form to your web site, allowing your customers to add themselves to your permission based list. We also make it very easy to unsubscribe with a single click in every campaign or via an unsubscribe from which can also sit on your web site. You don't need to do a thing.